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We hope you will be inspired by our site to learn more about and support us in conserving seahorses for generations to come.

We are a small but dedicated charity for seahorses and the natural world that reaches around the world and we acheive what we do by working with others and by working in partnership with nature, only by taking this collective approach will we all make a difference.

Please have a look through our website and enjoy the work we do, which is only possibly because of our amazing team of volunteers, they are the true backbone of our charity.

We hope you will find the site informative and understand more about the problems facing our natural world, especially seahorses; whether that is the loss of seagrass at Studland or the horrendous curio trade.

Thank you for readimg our site and if we can help then please get in touch on this link INFORMATION



Seahorse Survey Course

The Seahorse Trust works with partners all over the world setting up and helping in thieir seahorse surveys. We have partners in Malta, Spain, France, Italy, Bermuda, Japan, Brazil, Australia and many other countries.

It is only by workig in partnership in a Seahorse Alliance that we can acheive so much and by collecting data from all over the world we can help put this together and inform the relevant authorities on how to conserve and preserve their seahorse species.

In working with others around the world we have come to realise that the techniques of surveying vary quite a lot and so we have put together the idea of designing an international standard method for studying seahorses in the wild.

The course will be taught over 3 days, partly in the class and partly in the water and at the end of it the divers will be able to conduct seahorse surveys and provide much needed information on these amazing species.

To put together, design and assemble a course like this will take some time, so we have launched an appeal to raise funds to cover these costs and to trial the course on divers.

If you can help supprt our wrok then please go to the support us page on this website


Sucba Zoo film on seahorses: Galloping Extinction: Last stand of the Seahorses

Have a look at this amazing film by Scubazoo, it clearly shows how amazing seahorses are and how they are under threat of extinction in Borneo. Please forward this link to as many social media sites as you can, to show the plight of the seahorses before it is too late. We can still do something about..

As Scuba Zoo has said it is the last stand for them .Scubazoo have also kindly offered us 50% of the funds they raise towards their next series through their Patreon Campaign so please check out the campign on this link.

The film can be found at Galloping Extinction: Last stand of the Seahorse and what a brilliant filmn it is as well

We would also like to thank Save our Seahorses in Dublin and Gillian Marsh TV in Ireland for their kindness in helping out on the film, they are amazing.


Stop the Curio Trade Campaign

We have just launched our stop the Curio Trade Campaign to highlight and educate about this appalling trade which depletes the natural world of its resources, just a s small 'memento' of a seaside visit.

This is an urgent campaign that needs to address this horrendous trade and bring it to a close.

It is an appalling trae that needs to be stopped and you can find out more on on Conservation page, Stop the Curio Trade Campaign which is on this website

Please also have a look at our appeal page which is Stop the Curio Trade Campaign

You can donate to our campaign on the link below, please just click

British Seahorse booklet

We have just produced a booklet on British Seahorses, so you can learn more about these amazing animals, these 'Little horses of the sea'. It is full of facts and information about what makes these incredible fish be able to survive in our waters, how they breed, their beautiful daily dance and lots of other information about their unique behaviour and life in our waters.

It is an A5 booklet in full colour and shows how enigmatic and incredible British Seahorses truly are.

To buy a copy please e-mail BRITSH SEAHORSES and order a copy and you can pay through our donate button on this page or by sending a cheque for £4.99 (Including postage and packaging) payable to The Seahorse Trust to the address on our support us page.

100% of the profits goes in aid of The Seahorse Trust which is a registered charity (Number 1086027)


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